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Committed to making the most of every dollar

A solid financial picture is crucial to the performance of New Hope Housing’s mission.

Our ability to build attractive, smart housing while remaining debt free is what keeps rents affordable. Strong finances ensure our capacity to be a consistent and durable provider of Housing + Services. We work hard to be good financial stewards, leveraging public and private partnerships that make the most of every dollar. We constantly forge new alliances to help us move forward with our goals.

Program Support

Total Operating Support


Apartment Rentals


Contributions and Grants


Earned Fees


We leverage an additional ~$12.9MM through collaborative partnerships

Program Expenses

Total Operating Expenses




Resident Services Program


Project Development




Surplus cash flow has been placed into a board-designated Strategic Reserve for capital projects and capacity building initiatives.

Capital Investments

Total Capital Raised


This financial data was derived from the December 31, 2022 audit.

Total Assets 1993-2021


All of which has given 2,040 people housing and services.

Financial data derived from the December 2022 audit.

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