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Why Housing

The most pressing crisis in our city

The Crisis

Affordable housing is the most pressing crisis our city faces.

At New Hope Housing, we know that safe, affordable housing is the foundation that families and individuals need to thrive. We’re facing the housing affordability crisis head on with innovative solutions that are changing the narrative for thousands of people.

The Problem

Houston has experienced some of the highest housing cost increases in the nation

with more than one-third of our citizens struggling to pay for housing and affording food, according to a recent study by "The New York Times." This crisis is no longer contained to Houston’s lowest earners. It is sweeping into middle class communities across the city, burdening families with alarming rental rates and substandard housing options. This places families and individuals at risk of homelessness. Affordable housing is central to solving this problem.


People in Houston experience homelessness at any given moment


Units of new and affordable housing are needed in our city


Of Houstonians report they are unable to come up with $400 for an emergency


of Houston’s homeless are families with children

Our Approach

People are at the heart of our mission.

New Hope Housing helps residents rebuild their lives by providing beautiful, affordable Housing + Services that they can point to with pride. Our approach bridges the gap from unstable and unsafe to nurturing and secure. Our whole-person model is a platform for intervention and homelessness prevention by delivering a variety of health, educational, and social services to residents.

Housing + Services

We provide safe and affordable housing with access to onsite social services

that help residents stabilize and advance their lives. Experience has shown us that Housing + Services has real human impact. Whether it’s overcoming the obstacles related to generational poverty, chronic health issues, or mental and physical challenges, our programs are designed to help people rise beyond past challenges and set goals for the future.


We love seeing our residents enjoy our communities together.

“New Hope Housing has long believed that linking housing to education is an important key to helping families offer their children a bright future.”

Your support is crucial to stabilizing and transforming lives.

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