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In-Kind Donations

Give Support Through In-Kind Donations

Together we can create a more inclusive and supportive community for all

Your generosity can directly impact the lives of individuals and families experiencing housing insecurity. Consider contributing through in-kind donations to provide essential items and support to those in need.

To find out more about in-kind opportunities, email Lilya Keeton, Manager, Donor Relations

Help us give support to families and individuals in need this summer

Option 1: Donate Essential Items

Help us meet the immediate needs of our residents by donating our most needed items:

School Essentials

Help ensure children living in our communities are supported throughout the school year. We are especially in need of uniforms, shoes, school supplies, and backpacks.


Provide reading materials to encourage literacy and education among individuals of all ages. Please note we only accept donations of hardback books.

Personal Care Products

Support hygiene and well-being by donating toiletries, diapers, and hygiene supplies.

Household Essentials

Provide items such as bedding, towels, kitchenware, and cleaning supplies to help individuals transition into stable housing.

Non-Perishable Food

Contribute to our food pantry to ensure that residents have access to nutritious meals.

Option 2: Create Support Packages

Another impactful way to support our residents is by assembling support packages tailored to their needs. Consider creating packages for special occasions such as holidays, birthdays, or milestones. Your thoughtful gestures can bring comfort and joy to those we serve.


Spread the festive spirit with holiday packages that warm hearts and homes.


Celebrate life's personal touchstones with birthday packages that honor each individual's journey.


Acknowledge personal achievements and steps forward with milestone packages that inspire continued progress.


For every 'just because' moment, your unique gifts of care make every day a little brighter.


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