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Resident Spotlight

The Balderas Family - Avenue J

Marisol and Daniel Balderas are proud of their Hispanic culture and invested in the East End of Houston, so when the opportunity to live at Avenue J opened up, they became the first residents of the property. Dante, their 5-year-old son, attends elementary school in the East End, Marisol, a stay at home mom, volunteers in the community and Daniel works close by. Their connection to the East End was just as important as the affordability of the apartment.

“We like living at Avenue J because it’s nice, comfortable, and the staff is so friendly. Hablamos Español! (They speak Spanish!) Above all, Avenue J meets our financial needs – we aren’t over budget and can still provide for our son Dante.”

Through New Hope Housing, they have a beautiful and safely designed place to call home that allows them to grow deep roots in the area for years to come.

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