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Resident Spotlight

Barbara - Congress

Barbara Newsham began her journey to New Hope Housing with a nightmare. Forced to vacate her two-bedroom apartment after finding her roommate participating in illegal activities, she was suddenly without a home. In search of a safer place to stay, she fled to live with a friend temporarily, until she could afford to rent on her own, which proved to be very difficult. After months of a long commute to her retail job and failed attempts to find a more affordable, closer apartment, a friend suggested she look into New Hope Housing Congress.

It was the perfect fit. Barbara has lived at NHH Congress for almost nine years and loves the independence she’s built while living in a New Hope Community. “I save money by taking the METRO to work every day, and it helps that we live in such an awesome location! My neighbors here are like my family. I’ve never had such a huge support system.” says Barbara.

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