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Resident Spotlight

Frank - Canal

In 1984, after four years in the Army, Frank began a new life in Houston working his way up the ladder at his warehouse job. His new life seemed charming, and within a few years he was married with two sons quickly after. But sadly, the new beginning took a negative turn when his wife left, throwing him into an emotional tailspin that cost his job. While Frank managed to keep custody of his two young sons during the first episode of homelessness, he was forced to send them to live with their mother when he became homeless again.

Years later, Frank faced health issues including a diagnosis of diabetes that made it difficult to keep a job. His health continued to decline, resulting in several toes needing to be surgically removed and a new dependence on a wheelchair. Soon after surgery, Frank was searching for a safe, affordable place to call his own which led him to New Hope Housing Canal.

Through it all, Frank and his sons, both in the Army now, have remained close, and he credits New Hope Housing for helping him get a new start. “From day one I’ve been glad I moved here. It’s clean, and you get so much for the money. I’m so proud to have my own place, and I think my sons are proud of me too.”

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