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Resident Spotlight

Harley - Dale Carnegie

Harley experienced homelessness as an adult after battling severe mental health issues. He was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, guiding him to seek care at a psychiatric hospital. Harley then transitioned to a rehabilitation center and later a halfway house to continue his journey to recovery. While there, he was introduced to the “Housing First Program” through United Healthcare and New Hope Housing. Harley enrolled in the program; he knew that this was the support system he needed to remain in a positive mental, physical, and spiritual state.

In 2014, Harley became an official resident of New Hope Housing Dale Carnegie. Harley soon found solace in his case managers, who inspired him to further his purpose. At age 55, Harley enrolled in a year-long program to become a certified Peer Support Specialist. In Spring of 2022, after completing 250 hours of curriculum, he became eligible to work in the state of Texas. Harley aspires to one day join the New Hope Housing team as a Community Support Specialist, motivating his peers through his personal journey to rehabilitation.

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