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Health at Home: The Reed Family Clinic helps residents and families thrive

Jan 27, 2023

The Reed Family Clinic is helping New Hope Housing residents lead healthier lives. Operated by Healthcare for the Homeless – Houston (HHH), the clinic focuses on breaking the cycle of intergenerational homelessness and poverty through quality, accessible healthcare. It offers whole-family care, mental health counseling, psychiatry, addiction services, an in-house pharmacy, and peer-based support services in the comfort of the residents’ own community – and with providers who understand their complex needs.

All Clinic services are provided at no cost to the 187 families living at New Hope Housing Reed. Health services are accessible to Reed residents by walk-in or scheduled appointments with our specialized staff.

The Reed Family Clinic is a shining example of how New Hope Housing’s success lies in our partnerships across the city. Local organizations and health partners are involved in providing free health fairs, programs, and educational resources for Reed residents. During the first year of operating in 2021, the Clinic served more than 570 visits and helped families have a happier, healthier year.

We are grateful for the collaboration and commitment of New Hope Housing, Healthcare for the Homeless, UTHealth and Baylor College of Medicine.

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