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Resident Spotlight

Sara - Sakowitz

Sara’s story of hope began with life on the road. After drifting for decades in search of a place to call home, her life was marked by hitchhiking and patching together odd jobs to splurge for bus fare. Some of her memories on the road are sweet, like the five years she spent in Flagstaff, the scenery in Washington and the history in Philadelphia. Others are heartbreaking, especially the memory of giving up her son in Louisiana or suffering major damage to her knees after being pushed from an 18-wheeler.

In search of a warm place to call home, Sara soon drifted to Houston. After spending six months at the Star of Hope, she was referred to New Hope Housing Sakowitz. Here, she receives services through Star of Hope’s New Haven program and finds joy in reading a new book and surfing the internet in the computer center. “New Hope was here for me when I needed it the most,” she says. “It means so much to have a place of my own, something I haven’t had in years. I’ve had my share of troubles, and the road still calls me sometimes, but I’m happy here.”

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