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Resident Spotlight

Sarah - Reed

Sarah, a proud mother of 4 young girls, faced housing instability in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. After seeking refuge from an abusive relationship, she found herself pregnant with her youngest child and unable to support her family as a single mother. With nowhere to go, Sarah reached out to New Hope Housing for support and was matched with New Hope Housing Reed. Reed has given both her and her children the educational opportunities they need - her daughters attend school full-time and Sarah is enrolled in an Adult Education & Literacy program.

Sarah has begun to holistically heal and create a new beginning for both herself and her family. Plagued with low self-esteem, Sarah was afraid to interact with her neighbors and Reed staff at first. Now, as she has sought support, she loves her New Hope case workers and takes advantage of all the resources given to her in her new community. “They motivated me to take care of my body, my sense of self-respect is higher, and I’m going back to school.” Says Sarah. “I’d tell any younger women who need help, that New Hope is a stepping stone that helps you prepare for the real world in a healthy way.”

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