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Resident Spotlight

Shadrick - Dale Carnegie

Most of Shadrick’s adult life has been marked with the difficulties of battling chronic homelessness and addiction. Eager to make a change, Shadrick sought out a more permanent community at New Hope Housing Dale Carnegie. The community at Dale Carnegie immediately embraced Shadrick, offering him the beacon of hope and strength he most needed.

As part of his growth, his New Hope case manager introduced Shadrick to Terry Bryan from the College of Biblical Studies (CBS). Shadrick jumped at the opportunity as a new chance to live a more positive life. Terry walked alongside Shadrick as he began to take the first steps into his spiritual journey by offering him friendship and discipleship. The dedication of Shadrick and his community supporters paid off, and in the fall of 2021 Shadrick was awarded the Emerging Leaders Scholarship for Christian Men. This scholarship will fully fund Shadrick’s College of Biblical Studies degree, giving him an invaluable educational foundation.

Shadrick joined New Hope Housing Dale Carnegie for more stability and has transformed his life into a pillar of strength and resolution. To mark that transformation, in 2022 Shadrick was awarded the Spirit of Hope Award at the 7th Annual Astros Gala in honor of his remarkable journey to hope and stability through New Hope Housing.

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