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A Summer to Remember - Thank You to Our Partners at Chevron!

Aug 08, 2023

Thank you to our partners at Chevron, for sponsoring the YMCA program at Reed — ensuring children have a healthy environment where they can play and grow together.

Children living at New Hope Housing Reed spent 8 weeks exploring their creativity with Friday field trips, educational programming, daily activities, and a little fun in the imagination station. Reed's little learners also received free laptops to build excitement for the upcoming school year. 

Programs like the YMCA at New Hope Housing Reed ensure children have a safe environment where they can learn and build community together.

As the summer comes to an end, we need YOUR help to ensure families with children have the resources and supplies for a successful school year.

YMCA campers give a big smile as they accept their new laptops

Video game day at New Hope Housing Reed

Pictured, a cardboard train built by campers in the "imagination station"

YMCA campers hard at work during an educational activity

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